Welcome and thank you for your interest in doing business with Civmec.

Civmec takes a truly national approach to its projects and partners and we encourage experienced and capable small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to join our growing network of suppliers.

All Civmec suppliers, contractors and partners are required to comply with our terms and conditions, as well as all applicable laws, regulations and industrial awards, as well as health, safety, environment and quality regulations.

Civmec is committed to conducting fair procurement practice with suppliers and contracts, in accordance with our values.

We request you do not supply any goods and/or services to Civmec unless you have a purchase order.


Our terms and conditions:

Civmec General Terms and Conditions for Plant Hire 

Civmec Contract Terms and Conditions (Goods and Services)

Civmec Covalent Lithium Project Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions (Goods and Services) 

Civmec Supply Term and Conditions: Goods and Services 


Accounts Payable

Invoices must show the purchase order number as stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Invoices that do not have the correct purchase order number will be returned for correction and resubmission.

Incorrectly submitted invoices will result in delayed payment.

Civmec payments shall be made within 30 business days from the end of the month in which a payment claim is made. All invoices are deemed to be submitted on the last day of the respective month.

The original tax invoice must be forwarded to:

16 Nautical Drive

Henderson WA 6166


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Accounts Payable Queries

If you have any queries relating to payment of an invoice, please contact Accounts Payable on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +61 8 9437 6288.