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About Us

Our advanced capabilities, innovative approach and modern facilities enable us to work smarter and more efficiently, providing our clients with high-quality, value-driven solutions to meet their manufacturing, construction and maintenance requirements.

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Board of Directors

The Civmec Board is responsible for the corporate governance, accountability and strategic direction of the company.

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Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team lives the values of the company and is accountable for overseeing the company’s operations.

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Registered Training Organisation

Civmec is a Registered Training Organisation, offering nationally accredited qualifications and courses tailored specifically for the engineering, construction, resources and defence industries.

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In The Community

At Civmec, we are committed to making a difference to our local community through various partnerships, sponsorships, donations, volunteering and charity events.

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Business with us

Civmec takes a truly national approach to its projects and partners and we encourage experienced and capable small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to join our growing network of suppliers.

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At Civmec, we acknowledge the critical importance of sustainability to our future, as well as our responsibilities as a business to people, communities and the planet. To learn more about our sustainability commitments, please click the link below.
Our Sustainability
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