Civmec was contracted by Seymour Whyte for the fabrication, off-site trial assembly, delivery and site assembly of a 200-metre-long bridge for the Nepean River shared path bridge, the complex structure consisting of over 820T of tubular truss sections.

The bridge is approximately 257m long and includes a steel truss main span 200m long. The work also involves the construction of approaches and connections to existing local roads. The scope of works involves the supply, delivery, and installation of all fabricated steel components is in accordance with the Shared Path Bridge over Nepean Bridge drawings and specifications including the following components:

  • Main Span Truss
  • Span 1 and Span 2 Steel Trough Girders
  • Steel deck to main span truss
  • Balustrade posts to main span truss and approaches
  • Supply & Fabrication of temporary works tube cradles and testing rig apparatus
  • Circa. 30,000 fabrication hours
  • Partial trial assembly of 3 bays at a time, total length of 3 Bays is circa. 75m
  • The A-frame truss of the bridge is designed to hold up a very large and heavy span.


It will have the largest uninterrupted span of any pedestrian bridge in Australia, at 200m long.

To view a video update please watch below.