We provide a comprehensive range of access solutions utilising our in-house scaffold systems, all supported by our advanced scaffold management software.

With a focus on delivering innovative solutions, we continually challenge traditional methods, considering alternatives such as fabricated platforms, rope access and netting systems.

We have vast experience in executing a large range of scaffolding systems (Kwikstage, Tube and Clip, Layher), enabling us to work with our clients to deliver best-for-project solutions.

Using Avontus scaffolding software, we can automate scaffold drawings in 3D, allowing the bill of quantities to be easily determined and innovative design solutions to be realised.

Our scaffolding team works proactively with our clients to identify innovative, value-driven solutions, resulting in reduced project costs and improved productivity through:

  • engineering design
  • identifying best-for-project solutions
  • considering alternative access solutions (for example, rope access and tension netting)
  • utilising our heavy engineering capability to produce alternative fabricated platforms.


We have extensive experience safely and efficiently erecting temporary scaffold structures, using the basic components of tube, fittings and boards, utilising a highly trained workforce of professional scaffolders.

We have the capability to design bespoke scaffold structures to meet any requirement, including gaining access to specific areas.

This temporary access solution, which can be erected and dismantled quickly, is designed to provide a safe, lightweight working platform, from which to carry out inspections or maintenance works.

Suited to bridges, jetties, ships, tanks and offshore platforms, it can also be used to provide protection from falls and falling objects.

This manual system enables workers to reach high access locations, such as buildings or large modules, for repair and maintenance.

The key benefit of this access solution is in the workers’ ability to access locations which would be difficult to reach without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform. Civmec’s Registered Training Organisation runs specialised rope access training to facilitate this service.

Customised to meet or exceed Occupational Health Services Australia specifications, we produce stainless steel, steel and aluminium platforms in all sizes, built to clients’ specific requirements.