Our expansive manufacturing facilities at Henderson and Newcastle enable large modular assemblies to be fabricated and assembled offsite into single units for safe and efficient construction.

At Henderson, large modular assemblies up to 29 metres wide, 18 metres high, and 150 metres long can be fabricated and assembled into single units in the central bay of our heavy engineering facility. Our capacity at Henderson was significantly enhanced in 2020, with the completion of our state-of-the-art 53,000m2 (usable floor area), 70-metre high assembly hall - the largest undercover modularisation and maintenance facility in Australia. With significant crane capacity of 400 tonnes at a height of 40 metres, and 20 tonnes at a height of 60 metres, it has the capacity to accommodate large vessels, including Air Warfare Destroyers, Frigates and Offshore Patrol Vessels, for construction or maintenance, as well as integrated modules for the Oil & Gas and Metals & Minerals sectors.

From our Henderson facility, modules can be efficiently transported to the 3,000-tonne, 6,000-tonne and 15,000-tonne wharves located only 500 metres away, with the use of onsite 4,600-tonne capacity self-propelled modular transporters, without the need to cross any public roads. The proximity to these loadout wharves within the Australian Marine Complex expedites the shipping of large integrated modularised structures by reducing complex route surveys and permit delays associated with the use of public roads.

At our Newcastle facility, the capacity of our main bay enables modular assemblies up to 20 metres wide, 9.5 metres high, and 130 metres long. Our two onsite TTS transporters enable modules to be easily transported to the barge loadout basin located within our facility, without crossing any public roads. The facility is also in close proximity to main motorways and freeways, allowing ease of access to nearby Sydney via road.