In May 2019, Civmec successfully undertook marine maintenance repairs on board the LPG tanker Gas Defiance in open water, 100 kilometres off the New South Wales coast.

Under extremely challenging conditions, the team battled large swells as they undertook the complex repairs. The emergency repairs, for Greek company Stealth Maritime Industries, included rectification of major damage to the deck and Panama Chock, essential for the guidance of rope mooring lines on board the large vessel. Undertaken over six days, the repairs required Hot Work which, for safety reasons, the Port Authority of New South Wales would not allow to be undertaken while the tanker was at berth. Civmec was able to quickly mobilise a specialised team to carry out the emergency repairs, including organising materials and equipment, undertaking the required Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and liaising with the Port Authority regarding access and permits. The successful delivery of the works is a testament to the skill and capability of Civmec's specialised marine maintenance team.