Key Information

May 2013
December 2013
BEST JV (for Chevron)
Onslow, WA

Civmec demonstrated integrated capabilities, an innovative manufacturing approach, and the ability to rapidly develop a remote manufacturing facility and mobilise a skilled workforce as part of our subcontract with BEST JV on the Wheatstone LNG Project.

The subcontract was for the supply and manufacture of 12,550 precast concrete ACCROPODE II units for use in the construction of a 980-metre-long mass armour breakwater for the new Material Offloading Facility (MOF).

As a part of the subcontract, we expanded Civmec’s local presence with the establishment of our Onslow Precast Concrete Facility and associated quarry batch plant and camp for our specialist team.

ACCROPODE II blocks are man-made unreinforced concrete objects specifically designed for the protection of exposed coastal structures. Their combined qualities produce solutions which are as reliable as traditional systems and provide time and cost efficiencies.