Key Information

October 2018
Luerssen Australia
Henderson, WA

In April 2018, Luerssen Australia awarded Civmec the contract for the Royal Australian Navy’s SEA 1180 Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) program. 

The project includes the supply and processing of steel for 12 vessels. Following the build of the first two vessels in South Australia, Civmec is undertaking the fabrication and consolidation of the following ten vessels at its new, world-class assembly hall in Henderson, Western Australia.

Delivery of the OPV program is enabling us to unlock the value of local steel shipbuilding. We have invested in skills and the transfer of knowledge with local subcontractors and suppliers to support the establishment of a competitive Australian shipbuilding industry and supply chain that can eventually export to the global market. 

The new OPV fleet will be named the Arafura class in deference to their planned primary area of operation – the Arafura Sea, which lies west of the Pacific Ocean, overlying the continental shelf between Australia and Indonesian New Guinea.

The primary role of the OPV will be to undertake constabulary missions, maritime patrol and response duties. State-of-the-art sensors as well as command and communication systems will allow the OPVs to operate alongside Australian Border Force vessels, other Australian Defence Force units and other regional partners.

The lead vessel, HMAS Arafura, is planned to enter service in 2021.